Social Enterprises

We are convinced that there is a way to exercise our corporate social responsibility different from the traditional pro bono. Being oriented towards innovation and entrepreneurship, we believe that the best way to do so is to include social and/or environmental impact ventures in our core.

True to our commitment to our clients, we seek to provide comprehensive advice to social enterprises, aspiring to become their strategic allies in legal matters.

To said purpose, we offer special products and rates, recognizing the value of the contribution that social enterprises make to the community and/or the environment.

We currently serve the following social enterprises:

Sinba is a Certify B company working for a world without waste.

Laboratoria exists to drive a digital economy that is more diverse, inclusive and competitive and opens opportunities for all people equally.

IGUA is a sustainable way to drink pure water.

Kunan is the platform for strengthening the social and environmental entrepreneurship ecosystem of Peru.